Transport in international road freight transport

In addition to taking care of a flawless “green” fleet we use our energy and knowledge in the field of excellent knowledge of the conditions and regulations at the destinations where we transport the goods, because much also depends on this knowledge of how well, safely and quickly we can transport the goods to the destination. So after more than twenty years our drivers are also perfectly "equipped" with knowledge of procedures and regulations, in order to carry out various formalities without complications and as quickly as possible.



Warehousing falls under logistics services, however, because we have our own warehousing facilities, we offer this part as a special service of our company. The warehouse has all the necessary certificates and regulated standards. Therefore, we take care of the storing of goods in warehouses equipped with high-racking equipment and shelving units and other storage equipment. We also commission, collect and ship goods based on your order. Of course, we also provide forklift services and transhipment of goods.


Logistics service

In order to offer our customers complete services in one place, we not only offer freight transport services, but we can also organize everything from the collection of goods, freight forwarding services, we offer information regarding the goods and we connect parts of the logistics process. All with the goal that your goods gets from the starting point to the final destination in the safest, most economical and fastest way.